Giver Army 2.0

What is the Giver Army 2.0?

The GiverArmy 2.0 is a community of people who engage in micro-philanthropy by pledging to donate generously for a year to one of GiveSendGo Charities’ supported causes. The donations are pooled together and awarded as grants to qualifying campaigns associated with each selected cause.
By contributing as little as $5 per month, members can significantly impact people’s lives who require significant assistance. So, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the world’s pressing needs, consider joining the GiverArmy 2.0 to help bring positive change.

How It Works

Choose Your Cause: Select from one of our 10 charitable Causes to invest in.
Determine Your Donation: Your monthly donation can be as little as $5.
Watch and Pray: Watch for the quarterly update showcasing the different campaigns your donation impacted.
What you'll receive
  • A RightNow Media Subscription
  • End-of-year Tax-Deductible Receipt
  • Exclusive Invitation to our annual Giver Gala
  • Quarterly Reports showcasing campaigns that received grants associated with our causes
  • More to come!


Commit to giving to one of the causes below, and GiveSendGo Charities will disburse the collected funds to campaigns within the cause you selected.
These funds are designated to single mothers/fathers, veterans, those with the desire to adopt, soon to be mothers, and centers that benefit the pursuit of life.
Natural Disaster
These funds have been designated to provide support for those communities affected by natural disasters, including hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, famine, etc.
Global Crisis
These funds are designated to support qualifying campaigns in foreign countries to provide aid to distant communities, with the aim of making a positive impact.
Man-Made Disaster
These funds are allocated to support community relief efforts for events such as war, school shootings, localized terrorism, and other man-made tragedies.
Essentials for Life
These funds are designated to campaigns that provide support to individuals in need of basic living essentials, such as food, shelter, childcare, and other necessities.
Faith Based
These funds are designated to provide financial support to faith-based organizations that offer valuable services to their communities.
These funds are designated to provide financial assistance to those who are pursuing education or have a desire to educate but need support to achieve their goals.
Animal Rescue & Care
These funds are designated to support the rescue, rehabilitation, and care of animals, with the goal of promoting their well-being and protecting them from harm.
Current Emergencies
These funds are designated to provide aid to address the most pressing current crisis, with the goal of supporting relief efforts and helping those affected by the crisis.
These funds are designated to support organizations that aid in the rehabilitation of those struggling with addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc.

Join the Giver Army

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Matthew 6:21